I recently read Tom Brady's book called The TB12 Method.  It's a really interesting read about how he prepares his body day in and day out to compete in the NFL in his 40s.  There was a section in the book that talks about good sleep and he mentions that he collaborated with Under Armour to create a line of athlete recovery sleepwear products infused with bioceramics, which give off far infrared rays or FIRs.  Studies how the FIRs help relieve chronic pain, increase rates of muscle repair and cell oxygenation, and reduce muscle inflammation.  I must admit that I was skeptical but I finally tried the pajamas and I fell in love with them!  Check them out for yourself and see if you wake up feeling better too!

Under Armour Recovery Sleepwear for Men and Women

These are the Under Armour recovery sleepwear pants that I bought. I was skeptical but I feel like they actually work! My legs feel better after wearing them at night. These are the Under Armour recovery sleepwear shirts that I bought. I throw batting practice during baseball season and my arm is always sore. Once I started wearing this at night, I did not wake up with a sore arm! The Under Armour sleep recovery product line is available for women as well.

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More TB12 Method Recommendations


This is the TB12 book I mentioned above.  It's a really good read and provides both workout and recovery suggestions to improve overall pliability.  The rest and recovery information starts on page 276. In the book, Tom talks about the importance of drinking plenty of water, ideally with electrolytes, in order to improve pliability.  I've been adding these electrolyte concentrate drops in my water bottles for several months now and like them. The TB12 Method also discusses the importance of a clean sleeping environment.  I did some research on negative ion generators and purchased two of these OION B-1000 Ionic Air Purifiers.


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V8 +Energy Juice Drink with Green Tea and V8 Fusion

Now that you're sleeping better, how should you start your day? I personally drink a V8 Energy in the morning and the caffeine helps to kick start my day! This has helped me break the soda habit and lose weight.

Start the day with a V8 Energy! My favorite is Black Cherry, but they have many flavors. An 8 oz. can contains only 45 calories and 80 mg of caffeine. Compare that to a 12 oz. can of Coke that contains 140 calories and only 34 mg of caffeine, not to mention the high fructose corn syrup. When I need a break from my electrolyte infused water, I get a glass of V8 Fusion. An 8 oz. serving is roughly 100 calories and contains a serving of both fruits and vegetables!


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